What to Expect When Attending Massage Therapy School in Phoenix

Have you considered enrolling in massage therapy school in Phoenix? The good news is there is a large amount of potential work in this field. The number of job openings is going up, as well as the demand for professional and knowledgeable massage therapists. With the growth of this profession, salaries for this career are also on a steady rise.

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Now is a great time to go down this career path. However, before you can offer this service you have to enroll in massage therapy school in Phoenix and pass the licensing exam. There is no shortage of accredited massage schools available, which means you can find one that is right for you.

Remember, an accredited school is a better option since they will be able to provide the latest information and technology in the industry, while offering a wider variety of funding options such as Federal Financial Aid.

Different Types of Massage Schools

There are more than 80 different types of massages you can learn about when attending massage therapy school in Phoenix. At ASIS Massage Education our goal is to offer a several options from both Western and Eastern Philosophies.  At ASIS we see these modalities as value tools in your therapeutic toolbox.

By integrating a variety of modalities, ASIS believes that the student is then free from dogma, and is more able to access their own discerning wisdom in the therapeutic process. The more tools therapists bring to their tables, the more capable they are of truly supporting their clients. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to explore their own truths and preferences within the form of each modality, opening to a kinesthetic and cognitive understanding of all that is taught. What may at first appear as a less personally interesting style of work will later become an integral part of the individual’s repertoire for creative expression and healing.

Massage School Courses

Another important factor is to consider is the courses offered by a massage therapy school in Phoenix. It is essential you realize that you need to learn more than just the proper way to perform a massage. To become a professional massage therapist, you need to know how to interact with clients.

The intent of the massage modalities interspersed throughout the ASIS massage training programs in Phoenix and throughout Arizona is to educate and assist the student in finding their own voice in the massage profession. The modalities are carefully chosen to blend eastern and western philosophies, as well as deep and light touch, thereby giving the student the opportunity to learn to affect their clients on all levels: physically, energetically, and emotionally. It is our underlying belief, that each student has an innate intelligence, which will guide them throughout their professional life, helping them to discern the most beneficial work to support the health of their client. The primary role of the therapist is to be one who listens to both the words and tissues of the client, and then uses whichever tools would be in the client’s best interest. It is in this way that the therapist can act as a teacher of greater health and wellbeing, which then facilitates the healer that lives within each client.

Finding the right massage therapy school in Phoenix is more than just finding the closest or the cheapest. Be sure to consider the options carefully to find the right school for your needs.

We are happy that you are considering massage in your life. When offered in a caring, mutually respectful environment, we have found massage therapy to be a very nourishing practice that helps promote health, understanding, acceptance, and peace.

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