Leaky Basement? Try Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster

Certain infrastructural problems, such as settling foundations, compromised basement walls, and leaning chimneys can present quite the dilemma for the homeowner. Such situations could require helical piers, slab jacking, or waterproofing to remedy. One should only rely on professionals to fix these issues, as amateur mistakes could result in serious damage to one’s home. In addition to simply fixing problems under the home, basement remodeling should also be considered. A remodeled basement could add much needed or desired living room to the house.

Settling foundations can be a serious detriment to a humble abode. Effects of such settling include cracks in the foundation and the interior walls, stair-step cracks in the masonry, and sticking doors and windows. These foundations are repaired using the hydraulic and helical pier systems. Driven into the ground, the piers support the foundation from the bottom up. Basement walls can also become bowed, cracked, and in need of repair.

Keystone Foundation Repair Inc., not only provides basement waterproofing in Lancaster, but also employs several methods of reinforcement, including wall grouting, carbon fiber, tie-backs, and wall bracing, to ensure a permanent solution. Wall grouting involves excavating the exterior wall, installing temporary jacks, filling the wall with cement, and applying a new coat of parging. Carbon fiber repairs involve using a combination of high quality epoxy and carbon fiber straps to correct the problem. Tie-backs are screwed into the wall to provide additional support. In using wall braces, steel channel beams are installed to strengthen the walls. Leaning chimneys can be a dangerous situation for the homeowner. Usually the result of settling foundations, leaning chimneys are set straight using steel pilings and temporary support, extensions, and underpinning brackets before the chimney foundation is put back into place.

Keystone’s Basement Tuxedo Finishers can create the room one has always dreamed about. Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster might be necessary first, however. Afterwards, a Basement Tuxedo can create the prefect room for one’s family. A Basement Tuxedo includes but is not limited to: a pre-finished modular wall system, a custom look and fit, panels that have a textured finish, a stud-less track mounted system, custom paint, seamless appearance, moisture, mildew and mold resistance, waterborne organic panels, and an R-11 insulation value. Check out Keystone Foundation for quality basement repair and remodeling.

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