Water Treatment in Ocala FL: Using a Water Conditioner

When homeowners have what is known as hard water, they need to take steps to make it softer. Harder water occurs when there is too much magnesium and calcium. Often, a water conditioner needs to be used in order to make the water softer. A water softener can also be used, but many people prefer to have a conditioner. This will remove the mineral ions from the water, and sodium ions are used to replace them. If the hard water problem is not taken care of, it will lead to problems with clogged pipes, and can even cause problems with water heaters. Hard water even makes it difficult to bath and shower, because soap doesn’t lather well.

For this type of Water Treatment in Ocala FL, the water supply goes through the water conditioner before it comes out of the taps. The water runs through zeolite, a chemical that is rich in sodium ions. When the water goes through the treatment system, the mineral ions are left behind, and only safe sodium ions are left. These beads do need to be replaced occasionally, but all that needs to be done is to make sure that the system has plenty of salt at all times. Rock, solar, and evaporated salts can be used for this purpose, with the least expensive being rock salt (but it isn’t as water soluble as the other types of salts).

The water that comes out of the taps is now conditioned, and better to use for many things, including showering and laundry. Dishes will also come out of the dishwasher much cleaner, as hard water is one of the causes of spotting. While this is safer than a water softening system in some ways, there are times when people should use water softening. For instance, anyone with a heart condition shouldn’t use water that has been treated with salt. It is also not good for babies, and not an ideal choice to use as drinking water. If one intends to use a water conditioner, they should buy bottled water for consumption or get a Water Treatment in Ocala Fl.


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