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Do your teeth lack the whiteness and brilliance they once had? The aging process, foods you eat and habits you have can all play a big role in the appearance of your teeth. As you grow older, your teeth naturally begin to yellow and can even darken. Even if you brush regularly, you could be at risk for stains. If you are dealing with stains and your teeth are no longer beautiful and white, you can benefit from Teeth Whitening Cincinnati. Through this information, you can know what to expect from the process.

In the past, teeth whitening procedures could cause damage to your teeth and could cause you to have increased sensitivity. Today’s whiteners are much safer and can actually nourish your teeth instead of stripping them. Whiteners now contain ingredients like Fluoride, which can help to strengthen your enamel and protect your teeth from invasions of cavities. To know more about the best teeth whitening services in Cincinnati, click here.

To whiten your teeth, the dentist will first carefully clean them. If you go through Teeth Whitening Cincinnati without having your teeth cleaned first, the whitener will have a more difficult time penetrating into the dentin area, where most of your stains reside.

The whitening process is a simple one and normally takes under an hour. The dentist will paint a hydrogen peroxide mixture on your teeth and will allow it to sit. During the timed process, the hydrogen peroxide bubbles deep into your teeth and removes the stains that are causing your teeth to look dull and yellow.

In one treatment, you can see amazing results and go shades lighter. If you have pronounced staining, you may end up needing more than one treatment. These will be spaced several days to a couple of weeks apart so your teeth and gums do not become irritated.

To find out if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, make sure you call Afinia Dental and schedule a consultation appointment. They will be happy to examine your teeth and give you information on your whitening options. Through these treatments, you can finally have the beautifully white smile you are longing for so you can regain your confidence.

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