Learn About the Working Dog Breeding Program in Texas

Human military and law enforcement personnel must be special people, and the dogs they use must be special breeds indeed. These hardworking animals come from a long line of dogs bred to perform specific and sometimes dangerous tasks. Not all dogs are able to do these jobs, and that is why only a few breeds are trained for police and military work. These breeds include:

• German Shepherd

• Belgian Malinois

• Dutch Shepherd

• Bloodhound

• Labrador Retriever

The above breeds are well-known for their working ability, their cooperative nature, and their tenacity. Some working dogs from the Breeding Program in Texas are used for a single purpose, and others are trained to perform a range of tasks. Here, readers can learn what these amazing dogs do.

Apprehending Wrongdoers

Many times, police dogs are used to apprehend suspects, holding them in one place and biting them if necessary. In some cases, these dogs risk their own lives to protect their handlers. Apprehension dogs are usually of a herding breed, such as a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, or a Dutch Shepherd. These breeds have the intelligence and strength to work with their human partners and restrain dangerous people.


It’s common knowledge that dogs have a great sense of smell; the average dog has over 225 million scent receptors in its nose. Working dogs from True Canine International use their incredible senses of smell to find explosives, accelerants, drugs, and other criminal evidence. They can do their jobs anywhere, but they’re commonly found in airports and at border entries. Some dogs are trained to find landmines, thereby protecting handlers and other military personnel from serious danger.

Searches and Rescues

Searching for lost victims is a big part of a police officer’s job, whether it’s a missing person or a kidnap victim. During a search or rescue, a dog can be trained to find a living victim or human remains. They can search through piles of rubble after explosions, earthquakes and other disasters, and they can cover many miles in a relatively short time. Although their human partners play a crucial role, working dogs offer abilities and precision that can’t be matched. Visit the website to learn more about the services TCI offers.

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