Learn About Your Legal Rights by Hiring a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

When driving on the roads and highways, you expect other drivers to follow the rules of the road and drive safely. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the rules. Though driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal, many drivers still get behind the wheel and put other’s lives in danger. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you need to learn all you can about your rights. Through the help of a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer, you can protect your rights and get the help you need to pursue a case in court.

To find out more about filing a case, it is a good idea to meet with the lawyer for a consultation appointment. The lawyer will have you bring in your police report, medical records and any other pertinent information. Through the interview and research, the lawyer will decide whether or not your case is viable and can be pursued in court. After the lawyer agrees to take on your case, you will sign a medical release and a retainer agreement.

The Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer will work through the discovery phase to gather substantial amounts of evidence. This may be done through an investigative team. Once the evidence has been gathered, your lawyer will work through pre-suit negotiations to try and get your case settled. If the attorney is able to prove undeniable liability in your case, there is a chance you can avoid going to court.

If negotiations are not successful, the lawyer will draw up your complaint. Your complaint is a formal document that details why you are filing a case against the defendant. This document is shared with the defendant and once filed, will be the formal start of your lawsuit.

Through the negotiations and trial, the lawyer will work to protect your rights so you can get the justice and compensation you deserve. If you have been seriously injured by a drunk driving accident, contact Andrew Thomas. He will be glad to represent you in your case and will work to see you get a fair compensation package. Call today for your appointment.

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