Learning About The Basics Of Criminal Penalties From A Criminal Lawyer In Warrenton

Virginia’s state laws establish the classification for each criminal infraction. The classification assigned to each crime dictates the penalties that are imposed upon conviction. If you are facing a possible conviction, you should contact a Criminal Lawyer Warrenton to represent you. The Basics of Virginia Criminal ChargesThe state of Virginia possesses four classifications for misdemeanors, with a class one being the most severe of these crimes. Class one misdemeanors are crimes such as simple assault, DUI, and reckless driving. The penalty for these crimes is a sentence that does not exceed one year in jail and imposes a fine of $2,500. If you are charged with a class one misdemeanor, you should contact a Criminal Lawyer Warrenton immediately. Class two misdemeanor charges include possession of a controlled substance and fraud due to false advertising. The imposed penalty is a fine of $1,000 and six months in jail.

For class three misdemeanor charges, such as destruction of private property and schedule V, the court assigns a fine of $500.

Finally, class four misdemeanors which are the least severe of these crimes, including public intoxication, impose a fine of $250 for the offender.

Felony Charges Class one felonies are the most severe of criminal infractions. Among the charges with this classification is premeditated murder. If the offender is at least eighteen and does not possess a mental defect, a conviction could include life in prison or the death penalty. All offenders who are convicted of a class one felony incur a fine of no more than $100,000. The state can impose fines with this maximum penalty upon anyone convicted of a felony charge. Offenders accused of a class two felony could result in twenty years in prison. These are infractions that include burglary with a deadly weapon. Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Warrenton to represent you could become the difference between life and death. Anyone facing a criminal charge in Virginia could receive the maximum penalty if certain conditions exist. These conditions include malice. If you are facing a charge, you should contact a Criminal Lawyer Warrenton to assist you in fighting for your freedom.




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