Living a Full and Happy Life in Senior Housing in Spokane, WA

Every senior reaches an age where they are less able to manage all of the responsibilities of their home, yard and health on their own. Most do not want to have their family members feel obligated to them and others may have no family available for assistance. This the point where people realize they have to do something different. It is never easy to sell a family home or move away from a familiar neighborhood, but when the right solution is found it is a much easier decision. Senior Housing in Spokane WA is an opportunity for many people to have a full life again. It is not the dreary nursing facilities that people imagine.

Within these communities are people enjoying their lives in independent living and assisted living facilities. Each resident is able to have the help they need while still remaining as independent as possible. They are a part of a community that makes it easy for them to socialize and take part in exciting activities and events. Private apartments allow everyone to have their own space and comfortable common areas make it easy to meet others and develop new relationships.

Each resident may take care of their own personal needs and their own cooking and cleaning if desired. If these tasks are too difficult to manage alone, there are staff members able to help. Senior Housing in Spokane WA is not just a place to live, but a facility that provides transportation, medical care and much more in a modern complex that is designed for the maximum amount of safety and comfort for everyone living and visiting the site.

Private apartments are available as are cozy cottages. They offer room for the occasional guest and pets are allowed. In fact, places like Orchard Crest Retirement Community are so pet-friendly they even offer an enclosed pet park. This is not all these communities offer. There are also swimming pools, libraries and an on-site beauty salon. Craft rooms, a movie theater, and a chapel make it possible for all residents to stay active and find plenty of entertainment without ever needing to leave the community. Tours are available of these facilities and the staff is always happy to answer any questions. Moving to a senior community is an opportunity to discover new interests and meet new friends without needing to sacrifice any comfort or privacy to do so.

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