Why Prune Your Trees?

A beautifully kept lawn shows pride in your home and increases the value of your property. A tree that is sick looking, dead or has fallen down destroys the entire picture. If you want to stay the envy of your neighborhood, hire a service to do needed tree pruning at your home in the Honolulu area. When dead branches and limbs are removed from a tree it makes it look brand new. It’s like the tree has been groomed and given a fresh new haircut which is very important if we are talking about trees you planted to give your yard a pleasing look to begin with.

Pruning Helps Trees Gro

When your trees have been prune correctly by a tree service, the roots grow stronger. That means those trees are healthier and will be better able to stand up to inclement weather. Proper pruning can also foster new growth and with the help of an arborist, your trees will spread shade and beautify your yard for years to come.

Fruit Trees Benefit Greatly from Pruning

When dead branches and limbs are removed from fruit trees, it makes a tree far healthier and decreases the likelihood that the tree will become infected with disease or insects. It can also promote the growth of new spurs which will ultimately bear fruit.

Dead Limbs need to be removed for Safety Reasons

This is the most important reason there is to hire a company to prune your trees. Those dead and loose branches can easily be brought down during inclement weather, causing property damage and/or physical injuries. They can come down even in the best of weather conditions. Other branches also need to be removed like those hanging down onto your roof or onto your power lines. H.T.M. Contractors, Inc. can provide for all your pruning needs plus any other tree services you could ever require. If you have any questions, contact us to get more information.

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