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In the 1941 movie The Maltese Falcon, there is a scene when Sam Spade has to have all the office signs changed after his partner is shot and killed. He needs the lettering on the doors and windows altered to remove his dead partner’s name and to have them repainted to just read “Sam Spade Detective.” A signed artist is doing this work by hand as Spade passes him by, using a brush and a guide apparatus to ensure a steady paint job. This was the way window, and door signage was added or redone for generations, by the patient effort of a single artist. And if the artist’s hand was jostled, or somebody smudged the paint while it was still drying, the whole job would have to be done again from scratch.

Fortunately, Vinyl Lettering Services in Rochester MN as elsewhere have far more modern methods at their disposal. Present-day printing technology makes possible the application of custom vinyl lettering with the ease of laying down stickers but with the look of a custom paint job. A customer can take either their idea or a computer file to a company such as Rochester Sign Service Inc, where the graphic artists on staff will take that idea or file onto a desktop, lay it out in a desktop design program, and output it through a decal printer. It is then an easy matter to apply the lettering directly onto the glass surface. The application is done within minutes and for a far lower cost than a sign painter. Lettering can be designed in any font desired by the customer, in any orientation or color, and with the addition of a graphic design such as a logo or motif onto the layout.

Vinyl lettering is a flexible medium for custom fonts and graphics. It can be applied to just about any surface whether it’s a glass window pane, a wall, or the side of a car or truck. It will last only a brief few years compared to paint, but the lettering and design can be reapplied at any time. And, vinyl lettering and graphics are far easier to remove than paint whenever a change is desired. So discover for yourself which outlet will provide the best graphic solution for your business needs when selecting for professional Vinyl Lettering Services in Rochester MN.

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