Make Great Band Merchandise with Screen Printing in Upland, CA

Whether you’re doing music just for fun or you’re trying to make music your career, it can feel great to get a bunch of fans and followers. Your band probably spends countless hours practicing, writing new songs, and maybe even recording at your local studio. Fame is the Californian dream but the best way to really make an impression is to do everything you can to get your name out to everyone who will listen.

Merchandise is the perfect way to get support from your fans and make some extra money. Concerts don’t pay very much any more but bands can still make a lot of good money off merchandise. When it comes to making your merch for your band, you should definitely consider hiring a screen printing company.

Better Than Digital Printing

Digital printing can be good but if your designs aren’t colorized properly, printing your t-shirts and hats might not work as well as the alternative, which is screen printing. This type of printing gets the colors deep into the fibers so they don’t fade as easily, nor do they come out of the fabric. Companies such as Engrave N Embroider specialize in this type of printing and it’s generally considered a better, more accurate form of printing.

Screen printing in Upland, CA is a popular alternative to digital printing because it simply looks better for a lot of designs.

Put Your Logo on Everything

Any good band should have a logo or at least a font to stick with. If you already have your design picked out, simply give it to the printing company and request a quote for how much it’ll cost to print the kind of merchandise that you want.

The more you order, the more you’ll save, so be sure to order your merchandise in bulk. There’s quite a profit to be made from merchandise and it can be a great way to make extra money to invest in new equipment for your band.

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