Wireless Home Monitoring – How to Prevent a Nanny 911

Today’s parents have to be away from the home far more often than the mothers and fathers of decades previous. Because of this, many parents worry that their children may not be in the best care at times, when left with nannies, babysitters or au pair caregivers. One way to be certain of the quality of care being given to children, elderly homebound patients, pets and others being watched over by hired help is the so-called “nanny camera” or hidden, wireless audio and visual monitoring device.

Wireless nanny cameras come in many shapes and sizes. Some of these are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, allowing the camera to be used in general living areas and children’s bedrooms without being noticed by outside persons. Examples of these are:

  • Cameras disguised as digital or analog clocks
  • Cameras designed into electrical outlets
  • Cameras hidden inside of smoke detectors, air conditioning units or fans
  • Cameras created to look like coffee mugs, water bottles or food dishes
  • Cameras integrated into a home’s décor, such as those inserted into picture frames, paintings or items displayed on shelves

All of these options allow the camera to sit in plain sight, unobstructed, while also remaining hidden from anyone who might wish to keep themselves or their actions from being captured.

Companies that market wireless nanny cameras help parents and family members assure the safety of their children, elders and animals by allowing them to see what’s happening in their home, even while they’re away. This can also prevent burglary, theft by housekeepers and activities parents may not want their older children doing while left home alone. There are many uses for these marvelous, modern devices, and every one of them keep the family, their property and the homes they live in safe and secure.

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