Managing Costs When Upgrading Law Enforcement Gear

At some point in time, every law enforcement department is going to have to consider replacing current uniforms and gear. In many situations, this will happen if the current uniform is no longer available, or if the manufacturer has made changes in the style or design that cause a lack of conformity between old uniforms and new.

Gear is not as dated; it tends to be more consistent across time. Traditional designs such as the basketweave pattern offered by Safariland tends to be continually available in the standard Cordovan brown as well as black colors.

Whatever the reason an officer or a department may be upgrading their law enforcement gear and uniforms, getting a great price and a top quality item is always a critical consideration.

Buy From a Uniform Shop

The best pricing for law enforcement gear for all departments will typically be found through a uniform supply company. As they often have the contracts to supply uniforms to large departments, they tend to get better pricing from the manufacturer and can pass the savings on to their customers.

However, take the time to compare the prices as specialized law enforcement uniform suppliers as well as uniform suppliers covering a wider range of professional uniform needs. Typically the specialized supplier will offer the best prices.

Buying in Bulk

When replacing all law enforcement gear for a department, consider making one or two volume or bulk purchases rather than multiple smaller purchases. This not only provides better pricing, but it can also eliminate any additional shipping costs that may occur when multiple small orders are placed over time.

Ensure that the company you choose is an established company that has the ability to fill your order quickly, accurately, and in the order delivery time, you require.

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