Marriage Counselors in Muscle Shoals AL Can Help Even When One Spouse Is Ready for Divorce

Marriage counselors in Muscle Shoals AL are accustomed to helping couples in which one spouse is ready to get a divorce, and the other still wants the marriage to work out. This conflict of interest can be difficult to overcome, but mental health professionals who provide relationship counseling are skilled in encouraging each person to discover the strengths in the relationship. That can eventually convince the less willing spouse to give the relationship another try. That spouse now remembers the positive and romantic feelings from when the relationship was relatively new. He or she also gains a better understanding of how things went wrong and how each of them can change their future behavior for the better.

Sometimes a couple is at odds one spouse’s behavior. Some actions might have been truly hurtful, such as having an affair, being verbally abusive on a regular basis, or drinking excessively. Marriage Counselors in Muscle Shoals AL know that either spouse in this situation might be the one who wants a divorce. The person who had an affair might be ready to leave and find a new relationship, whereas the partner may be willing to forgive and rebuild the marriage. In contrast, the person who cheated may be very sorry and ready to do practically anything to get the relationship back on track, but the betrayed spouse may feel trust was irrevocably broken.

For a couple of the Christian faith, a therapy center such as A Family Matter First can be especially beneficial since they provide Christian marriage counseling. Bringing the Lord into the discussion and focusing on Christian family values and morals can make all the difference when a couple is just about ready to split up. In some cases, one of the spouses has stopped attending church and has grown away from the faith to a certain extent; renewing their activities in the faith can be very helpful. It’s not enough to accept that the New Testament admonishes against divorce and remarriage, but the couple needs to breathe new life into their relationship and not just continue on their troubled path. Anyone who is interested in learning more may click here for further information.

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