Meet With the Premises Liability Attorneys in Lancaster

It is not always easy to win a premises liability case. Many laws have passed that remove some of the burdens on property owners. Rather, the law shifted part of the burden to individuals. There are many types of premises liability cases. Cases run the gamut from slip and falls to falling off a trampoline. The law states property owners have a duty of care. Indeed, the owner owes a duty of care to certain people. Invitees have the owner’s permission to be on the property. Next, a licensee is someone who has the owner’s permission to come on the property for their own purposes. For example, salesmen and mail carriers are considered licensees.

There are certain circumstances where an owner is responsible for a trespasser. These cases usually involve children trying to have fun. An example would be a child who sneaks into the neighbor’s yard to use the pool. Hopefully, the owner has a fence around the pool area to avoid these scenarios. Speak to the premises liability attorneys in Lancaster if you have been injured. Visit the website and click where it says contact us. They will render an opinion on the merits of the case.

The law states that owners are responsible for injure if they, or an employee, caused the hazard. Likewise, the owner is liable if there is no way they could not have known. Additionally, they are liable if they knew and did nothing to solve the problem. For instance, someone has a big sinkhole on their property and a guest falls in it. No one would believe the owner did not know.

The owner is also responsible if a “reasonable” person taking care of the property would have removed the hazard. The legal definition of reasonable hinges on whether the owner or employees regularly inspect the premises. Furthermore, many states have comparative negligence laws, which are the laws that place the burden on individuals to look out for their own safety. The best thing one can do is meet with Premises Liability Attorneys in Lancaster. Many states have comparative negligence laws. These are the laws that place the burden on individuals to look out for their own safety. Hire a lawyer and let them negotiate with the insurance company. They will fight for your rights.

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