Microsoft Dedicated SQL Server Hosting 101

The world runs on servers.

It was not all that long ago that server hardware and software were prohibitively expensive to lease, buy, or were limited to people who could build. Operate, and maintain a server of their own. For instance, Google evolved from from humble beginnings on a dorm room server with ten 4GB hard drives (then the largest available), 256MB of RAM, and two 200MHz processors. In short, one of the most revolutionary companies in the history of the internet began on a machine with fewer capabilities than a modern smartphone. What servers run on is SQL.

What is It?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it’s the language of relational database management systems – servers. Microsoft dedicated SQL server hosting is not complicated. It means that the hardware, connections, and rack space for a server is dedicated to the exclusive use of the person or entity leasing it from the hosting service, the lease comes with certain services, and the equipment is not shared with anyone else. The server uses Microsoft’s version of the SQL language to manage the database.

What Does It Do?

In general, an entity will host a website that is either published on the internet – such as an e-commerce web page, forum, or informational site – or an intranet site that is for the internal use of a particular particular entity. The language of SQL enables database administrators to manage the flow of information into and out of the server, perform database maintenance and add-on services such as replication, analysis, and more.

For newcomers to dedicated hosted sites and services, it’s worth looking into a dedicated server using MS SQL. Whether your site is internal or external, you will benefit from the stability provided by Microsoft dedicated SQL server hosting.

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