Mold Eradication: An Additional Service From the Pest Management Service in Alexandria, VA

Mold is unhealthy for humans to be exposed to as well as unattractive. If left untreated it can lead to serious damage to any building. It will never go away on its own, but will continue to grow and become more dangerous over time. The removal process is never as easy as it may seem. Mold spores cannot simply be wiped away once the problem has become advanced. The spores can be airborne or lurking in hidden corners or behind walls. Within only a few hours they can begin to grow and cover surfaces again.

There are many types of mold, and it can be difficult for the average homeowner to know how to properly eradicate them. Even painting, replacing flooring or installing new drywall may not be enough. All of the mold spores must be removed and the air cleared of any spores to guarantee that it will not return. Only a remediation service is equipped to do this accurately every time.

A Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA may not seem like the place to call when the mold is an issue, but they are prepared to handle this unwanted “visitor” as well as rodents and bugs. Treating mold is similar in many ways to removing a pest infestation. The problem almost always begins within walls, basements, and attics. These hidden spaces are the perfect place for both pests and mold to establish their base and begin expanding. The same equipment and inspection processes that identify infested homes can also identify where mold is located.

The PMSI Mold Treatment Division provides local property owners with a service that will eradicate mold and prevent it from returning. The staff members utilize the newest and most innovative equipment to do the work quickly and efficiently. By using a Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA, every home or business owner can feel secure that their property will be thoroughly protected against any health risk or visually unappealing invader. Even if mold is not visible, any mildew smell or structure that has suffered from water damage should be inspected to ensure it is safe for its occupants. Free inspections and estimates make it possible to determine whether or not mold is a concern. If mold is suspected, do not wait to get help. The problem will only become more severe, and expensive to repair, over time.

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