Move Your Belongings Safely With A Corporate Mover

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Moving Companies

Although moving is stressful, when you hire a Corporate Mover that is experienced in packing, padding and moving personal belongings, they can ease the stress on you and your family. You can get a free estimate for the items you want to move. They also have interim storage in case your new home isn’t ready for your items when you have to be out of your previous home. One of the best things about getting an estimate is the quote will be firm so you don’t have any hidden surprises. If you don’t have all of the money on the day of the move, you can set up a flexible payment plan that meets your budget.

If you want to pack yourself, a moving company can sell you packing items. It is important to obtain a list of items that a mover cannot move. Some of the items are loaded guns, perishable food, batteries, nail polish along with many other items. Padding and securing your furniture is important so it does not get scratched or nicked. It is a better idea to let a Corporate Mover package your furniture for safety and security. If you’re limited on time, it is also wise to let them pack the items that you are unable to.

If you’re packing yourself, it is recommended that you pack one room at a time. Secure your boxes on the top and bottom with tape. Choose smaller boxes for glassware and dishes. When a box is too heavy and awkward, it has a better chance of being destroyed in the move. Purchasing dish pack boxes is highly recommended for moving your dishes and glassware. Professional wardrobe boxes are an excellent choice for moving your clothes. There’s no need to worry about your clothes falling off the hangers and getting dirty.

If you’re looking for an experienced mover, ASAP Movers have all the moving supplies you need. They also want to make your move go smoothly with their caring and experienced staff. They have top quality trucks and moving equipment to keep your items as safe as possible during your move. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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