Hurt by an Uninsured Driver in Virginia? 3 Ways an Attorney Can Help You

If you have ever been hurt in an accident where the person uninsured is at fault, you should really take into consideration hiring an attorney to defend your rights against this person. Someone who is uninsured should simply not be driving on the road in the first place, let alone colliding into your vehicle. To take action, the only way you can really go is by hiring an attorney to help tackle this problem. If interested in why an attorney would be helpful in this situation, here are some tips to guide you.

Filing a Lawsuit

Are you Hurt by an Uninsured Driver in Virginia? Filing a lawsuit may be the most attractive solution to your problems. Attorneys such as Dulaney Lauer & Thomas LLP are helpful when filing a lawsuit because they can collect all the facts and defend you in court to get you what you deserve. Especially if the other driver is uninsured, you can be sure filing a lawsuit will be easy and you’ll come out on top.

Covering Personal Injuries

Hurt by an Uninsured Driver in Virginia? If you have personal injuries resulting from an uninsured driver, it should not be your responsibility to pay for these medical fees. Rather, it is the fault of the other driver so they should be responsible and pay for your fees. The best way to handle this lawfully is by hiring an attorney to make sure you get justice.

Covering Insurance Costs

That being said, you should not have to pay for any insurance fees either, considering you are not the one at fault and you are not the one uninsured. Granted, it is awful to load someone with fees, but it was their mistake by driving uninsured. Not only that, but they harmed you in some way. Thus, the payment should really be on them an an attorney can help you defend yourself against this in court.

Thus, there are several reasons why an attorney can be helpful in these types of situations. Ultimately, be sure to protect your rights as well as your health against someone who was at fault for injuring you. Be sure to contact a local attorney for more information or search online for more tips.

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