Need Excellent Pet Care? Visit the Dog Park in Everett

A pet owner’s worst fear is leaving their dog or cat in a boarding facility that won’t take proper care of them while they’re gone. They fear they’ll come down with an illness and end up dying. So, because of this, they haven’t taken a vacation in all the years they’ve owned their pet. After all, their dog or cat is more important than getting away for a couple days. Pet owners may change their minds when they find out there’s a kennel offering exceptional care and boarding facilities out in the country for both dogs and cats.

Now, it’s time for the pet owner to take a break. It’s an above board place with lots of room, clean as a pin, and staff members that simply adore animals. They have pet areas where they can roam freely and play outside with other dogs. The dogs enjoy a kennel, and the cats enjoy a condo. How special is that? Just say the word, and pet parents can order a pet grooming, shampoo and nails clipped service so they’ll be pretty as a picture when they return.

When an animal visits the Dog Park in Everett, they’ll want to go back for another vacation as soon as their owner takes another one. They can also have regular appointments for a relaxing grooming session even when the owner is home. The Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc will make sure every pet that’s visiting will enjoy their stay in a safe and secure atmosphere.

They’ll enjoy play time with staff members and a special walk each day while their owner is away. They may take a ride in the sidecar of a motorcycle with a staff member. They may enjoy jumping in and out of the water in the little pool in the kennel area that’s especially for them.

Cats will also enjoy their stay when they visit the Dog Park in Everett. There are clean rooms, plenty of food and water and caring folks at the kennel who’ll play with each cat or kitten staying the night.

Because the owners of the business want every pet to be safe, they’ll have to see documents from a veterinarian that each pet has had their up-to-date vaccinations and inoculations. Give them a call today and have a great vacation.

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