How to Choose Between Storage Facilities in Charlotte, NC

For many people, choosing between storage facilities can be a daunting task. There seem to be places offering self-storage on nearly every street corner. However, for discerning customers, it is important to distinguish between storage facilities. Charlotte, NC is home to a number of quality storage locations, but before you decide which to use to store your belongings, be sure you are clear about what you need to get out of your storage facility.

How Much Do I Have to Store?
One of the first factors to consider when choosing a storage facility is how much actually needs to be stored. Some facilities only offer larger vaults that are not suitable for those looking to store a small amount of personal items. Conversely, some storage facilities are not equipped to handle industrial storage through racking systems and/or in warehouses. How much you need to store will help you determine with facility is right for you.

How Long Will I Be Storing My Belongings?
You also need to be aware of how long you intent to store your items. If you only need to store your belongings for a short time, a number of cost-effective and convenient options likely are available. However, for those looking to store items for a long period of time, they need to be sure that the facility that they choose is equipped to store their belongings for a long period of time without compromising any of the items’ integrity. In this case, it could be useful to find a facility that offers climate-controlled storage vaults and warehouses with fire-suppression systems.

What Type of Security Do I Expect and Need?
The level of security varies greatly from facility to facility. Some offer a keyed entry into a gated area and others offer 24-hour monitoring. You need to choose the storage facility that has the level of security with which you feel most comfortable. This can change based on what is being stored, but it is important to know what your requirements are going into your search for an appropriate storage facility.

How Often Do I Expect to Access My Belongings?
You will also want to be aware how often you need to access your belongings. Some storage facilities offer access 24 hours a day and others limit access to certain times. If you expect to gain entry to the facility at any time of day, you need to narrow your search based on that requirement.

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