How To Find A Great Lemon Law Attorney

This year alone about 18 million new cars will be sold in the US, of these, 150,000 of them will be lemons. Anyone who buys a new car is at risk, if it should happen, how can you deal with it?

You have a lot of money tied up in the purchase and although you can try to get compensated by the manufacturer, your chances are far better if you hire a lemon law attorney right from the start. Lemon law attorneys know the laws that apply to lemons in your state, and each state is different; they know your rights and they know how to deal with the laws. Hiring a lemon law attorney will turn out to be the quickest way to see that your claim is approved and you get your rightful compensation.

Are Lemon Law Attorneys expensive?

This is nothing for you to worry about, the lemon law in every state says that in the event you hire an attorney, the vehicle manufacturer must pay; not you. This is really the only fair way to treat legal fees, you didn’t build the lemon, the car manufacturer did and if they did their job right, you would not be looking for compensation.

Don’t attorneys take a percentage of the award?

Yes, attorneys that handle personal injury cases normally do so based on contingency and they do take a percentage of the final award. Not so with lemon law attorneys, the manufacturer is completely responsible for all attorney fees, if the lawyer says otherwise there is something seriously wrong.

You want a lawyer, not a mechanic:

Stay away from a lawyer that wants to give you advice on how to repair the problem. The best lemon law attorneys relay on professional mechanics, their job is to advise the attorney and the attorney’s job is to focus on getting you results. To the attorney it is the number of times the car broke down for the same problem, not the problem.

When you are looking for a Lemon Law Attorney, look for one that handles these types of cases on a regular basis. For a list of seasoned Lemon law Attorneys in your state you are invited to visit us they have experienced attorneys that can assist you.

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