Need to Restore a Persian Rug in Manhattan? Contact Local Old World Craftsmen

Manhattan’s beautiful homes form some of the jewels in the bustling city’s crown. Homeowners often decorate using elegant, hard to find furniture and accents. For example, it is common to include an authentic persian rug in Manhattan decorating themes. Unfortunately, genuine carpets are typically very old and often damaged. Even when they are great shape, specialty rugs need special cleaning. Savvy New Yorkers solve these problems by sending carpets to experts like The Golden Horn. Their artisans still use centuries-old methods that can return rugs to their original glory.

Experts Gently Clean Carpets

Oriental carpet specialists can safely clean a wide variety of delicate woven art. Whether clients need services for a persian rug in Manhattan or have carpets in other locations, they can Contact The Golden Horn. Customers can use an online form to get an estimate and either arrange for local pickup and delivery or send carpets to the shop. Company craftsman work with Aubusson’s, needle points, American hooked rugs and kilim rugs. In addition, they specialize in Chinese, Turkish, Dhurries and a variety of antique carpets. During hand cleaning artisans gently remove stains, including those caused by wine, ink and pets. They remove odors and color runs. Professionals also offer antique washes.

Craftsmen Repair the Worst Damages

Manhattan specialty carpet restorers use generations-old Turkish methods. In fact, they still work closely with artisans in Turkey and ship some carpets back to the country for restoration. Turkish prices can be 50%-80% less than U.S. charges. Before work begins restorers provide customers with contracts that include costs and outline every process they will use to renew rugs. The first step in restoration projects is to gently clean carpets. Specialists re-weave rugs, gather wool to use in restoration, and make repairs. They use natural dyes to restore colors. The dead pile is removed, and then excess wool sheared away. Carpets are carefully finished down to the last thread on their fringes. They are ironed and only returned to clients when they are as beautiful as the day they were created.

New Yorkers who own fragile, elegant oriental and antique rugs depend on local craftsmen to clean and restore them. These old-world artisans use authentic Turkish techniques that can restore even very soiled or damaged carpets to their original beauty.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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