Why New Yorkers Depend on Experts Who Offer Oriental Rug Repair in Manhattan

New York is home to thousands of elegant, classic homes which are often decorated with priceless accessories. Chief among these are original carpets made in countries such as China, India, Morocco and Africa. Most of these specialty carpets are hand woven and contain meaningful cultural symbols. Because rugs tend to be very old and fragile, owners have them cleaned or restored by experts like The Golden Horn. Professional oriental rug repair in Manhattan can include picking up and delivery, reweaving, stain removal and dying.

Technicians Can Clean Any Type of Carpet

Specialists who offer oriental rug repair in manhattan also offer expert cleaning services. They learn their skills from craftsmen who have handed down their methods from generation to generation. During cleaning professionals hand wash carpets and remove stains. They can safely eliminate ink, wine and pet stains. Technicians take out odors and remove color runs. They also provide antique washes.

Artisans Restore Rugs to Their Original Beauty

Clients who invest in genuine Oriental rugs almost always need to have them restored, since those classified as antiques are more than 80 years old. Owners often arrange restoration without leaving home. They fill out online forms and send photos of carpets to shops, which then provide repair estimates. Clients living in certain areas can have rugs picked up and delivered. Other customers ship them to shops. As soon as carpets arrive artisans start restoration, often beginning with reweaving. Specialists can repair moth, fire and water damage. They use old world methods to remove wool, which is saved for repairs. Master craftsmen dye rugs using gentle, natural materials. They remove dead pile and shear off any excess pile. After restoration rugs are ironed and presented to customers looking like they were newly made.

Restoration Businesses Offer Value Added Services

In addition to repairing carpets, the finest shops provide color changes and treatments. Technicians can also moth proof and block carpets. Experts get them ready for storage and offer storage facilities. Most stores also sell a line of fine handmade antique carpets.

Clients who own valuable Oriental carpets often trust their care to specialists who still use age old methods. These craftsmen can clean or completely restore virtually any carpet and specialize in handmade antique styles. They also offer additional services that include color treatments, rug blocking, storage and carpet sales.

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