No Flush Urinals Offer Increased Efficiency And So Much More

As earth’s population grows, so does the need to conserve our natural resources. This is especially true of water. Although more efficient substitutes have been found for other natural resources, water is something that can neither be replaced or done without. If each person in the world did their part at conserving the amount of water they used, the world’s water supply would be much greater. One way that you can do your part in saving resources and having a lower impact on the environment is by installing no flush urinals.

How No Flush Urinals Work

No flush urinals have a very specific design that does not require the usage of any water whatsoever. Whereas urinals usually are designed to flush urine down the drain with water, the structure of no flush urinals makes this unnecessary. The sleek sides of the interior of the urinal ensure that all urine slides down the drain, leaving nothing behind. Replacing all of the urinals in a facility, business, campus or another establishment with no flush urinals can save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every year.

No Flush Urinals Are Sanitary And Odor-Free

The truth about urinals is that really; no water is needed to carry urine down the drains since urine is almost entirely comprised of water anyway. The reason why urinals start to smell and are magnets for bacteria is that there are areas within the bowl where water and urine can stand, instead of completely going down the drain. This standing liquid is the perfect place for bacteria to flourish, which causes odors. In contrast, water-free urinals have sleek sides that discourage the presence of bacteria. All in all, these urinals are very sanitary and only require minimal cleanup in the form of an occasional wipe-down, making them better choices for public restrooms.

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