3 Questions to Ask When Looking For Dog Grooming in Omaha NE

Picking the wrong dog groomer is far too common of a mistake for pet owners. All too often, pet owners will pick the first grooming service they find and end up putting their dog through a terrible experience. The key to finding the right dog groomer is to do plenty of research before any appointments are made. Here is a list of three great questions to ask when looking for Dog Grooming in Omaha NE.

The first thing to do is to ask for a tour of the facilities. When visiting or touring, be sure to pay attention to how clean the facilities are. It is important that the groomers are quick to clean up after their appointments, but also make sure they are sanitizing areas before new clients come in. This will really limit any skin infections or other irritations that may be picked up. If at all possible, visit the facility multiple times to get a better idea if the groomer is a good fit. Try visiting without pets and then once with the pets.

The second question to ask would be what kind of training or education the groomer has. Groomers that have had formal education or training will really understand the needs of different breeds and know what the best products to on each fur type. They will also be able to offer their expertise on frequency of grooming for fur and nail trimmings. Groomers that are unable to answer basic questions about specific breeds should not be considered for regular grooming services.

Finally, ask the groomer what their fees are for Dog Grooming in Omaha NE. While this should not be the final determining factor in the decision, it will be helpful to understand the fee structure. Some groomers will offer packages that include shampoo, grooming, and nail trimming. Be mindful of groomers that charge for each service separately as this can add up very quickly. Some common services that are extra are ear cleaning and teeth brushing. It might even be worth checking to see if the groomer charges more for using higher quality or specialty shampoos and other products.

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