What You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

When a person loses a tooth due to improper dental care or injury, they can help replace the missing tooth with a dental bridge. The bridge is placed beside the natural teeth in the mouth to help fill in the gap that was left by the tooth a person lost. It not only provides aesthetic advantages for less than perfect teeth, dental bridges in York, ON offers a range of health benefits for the individual. From speaking properly to preventing the deterioration other teeth, a bridge can help a person maintain a healthy and stunning smile.

Perks of Replacing Missing Teeth with Bridges

*They are placed securely inside a person’s mouth so they do not have to worry about them falling out or slipping like dentures can.
*Dental bridges in York, ON have a natural appearance that other people will not know it is not your natural tooth.
*Bridges are easy to care for and can be cleaned like your original teeth.
*Each one is custom made to fit perfectly in a person’s mouth so the bridge feels like their natural tooth.
*There is no need to worry about the type of food a person eats like there is with dentures. You retain the same chewing ability that your natural teeth provide.
*Improves confidence by not being embarrassed by missing teeth that can ruin a smile.

An Expert Can Determine if You are an Ideal Candidate

If you are missing teeth and want to find a solution consult with the experts at Dental Laboratory Associates. They will examine your teeth to help determine if dental bridges are the right solution for you. They can provide you with information on the products they have available or the steps that need to be taken to have customized dental bridges placed in your mouth.

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