Options for Providing Medical Services at Your Event

When holding a major event, it’s important to have medical services available for those who might need them. There are many solutions, some of which are better than others. Considering all the options available is the best option before making any kind of decision. We’ve compiled a few of the potential solutions for you to consider as you move forward with your event.

Let 911 Handle It

If your event is small, calling 911 for emergencies is a reasonable option. However, if the event has more than about 100 people or includes remote locations, you may not want to choose this option. If you do, there should be some amount of planning done in advance with 911 dispatchers. You also want your event participants to know locations there injured or ill people can be relayed to.

Recruit Volunteers

If you know EMTs, doctors, or other medical professionals, they may be willing to volunteer as EMS in New Jersey at your event. Many individuals would be happy to offer services in exchange for attending the event, free food, and a t-shirt. This can be a low-cost way to provide the health care you need if you can coordinate volunteers on your own.

Local Search & Rescue

At some events, local search and rescue groups are available to offer staff and resources. Some of these groups are open to offering the services for free; others will require a donation of a specific amount. These groups are especially helpful if you are having an event somewhere that is rural or challenging to access. While arranging this option may take less time than coordinating volunteers, it does often have a higher cost.

Hire Local Ambulances

Many local areas have dedicated ambulance options that can fill in the need for EMS in New Jersey. You will find that this saves time and even reduce some of the concerns that might come from choosing volunteers. You can reach the ambulance provider with information about your event, and they will provide the needed service. While this option costs money, it does mean having professionals on hand with skills to handle any situation.

With an awareness of the options, you can now consider which decision works best for you. If you are interested in New Jersey ambulance services, consider Alert Ambulance.

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