Three Issues That Require Professional Elevator Repair In Arlington VA

An elevator is designed to provide easy access to every floor in a building by utilizing a hydraulic motor to lift and lower a car via an elevator shaft. The operation of an elevator is simple, which allows them to provide years of worry free service without requiring an excessive amount of maintenance. Despite their reliability, there are times when issues may arise that warrant professional Elevator Repair in Arlington VA to ensure a lift remains safe for use.

Car Alignment Problems

As a car moves within an elevator shaft a computer tracks its position and signals the engine to stop when a preset location is reached. If the cars of an elevator system are out of alignment and no longer stop at the proper position, it may be due to a variety of issues. Let a technician determine if the problem is with the computer components or the hydraulic motor system, which will cause the elevator to be inoperable.

Unusual Vibration During Operation

An elevator should only create minimal noise and vibration when in use, but if a user notices that the cars of the lift are shaking or vibrating excessively, it is likely a malfunction with the hydraulic lift motor. A company that offers Elevator Repair in Arlington VA will have the diagnostic equipment to determine the exact cause of the issue and make the needed repairs so that the device will be up and ready for use as quickly as possible.

Safety System Malfunctions

An Elevator is equipped with several different safety features that prevent those riding in the car from being injured if the lift malfunctions while in use. The phone system allows those in the car to call for help if the car stalls out and traps them inside, while the braking system is designed to stop the car in the event of a cable break. If either of these features displays signs of disrepair, they should be inspected by a professional promptly.

Properly maintaining an elevator is the best way to prevent dangerous issues. The team at Elevator Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of repair and installation services in the DC area. Be sure to visit the website to learn more about the services they offer and take the first step in keeping an elevator safe and ready for use.

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