Quality Subsea Equipment Manufacturers and the Umbilical Lifeline

An umbilical is a lifetime that can be utilized during the operation of an undersea operation. It provides a number of different important benefits to a subsea scenario. In addition to the umbilical, the umbilical termination assembly is also highly important. Experienced subsea equipment manufacturers can develop umbilicals and umbilical termination assemblies that are made to high quality standards and can fulfill your undersea project requirements.

What Can an Umbilical Supply?
Large undersea projects often utilize umbilicals, including projects involving construction, research, and defense. Another common use involves the undersea oil and gas drilling industry and operations. Regardless of the specific application or industry, an umbilical developed by subsea equipment manufacturers usually supplies air, electricity, chemicals, hydraulic fluid, or fiber-optic connectivity from somewhere on the surface or from an associated undersea facility.

Having the services and products of a reliable subsea engineering company that provides umbilical monitoring, testing, commissioning, and topside connection services is highly important for the success of many subsea projects.

Services such as monitoring during installation, pre-and post loadout testing, and final commissioning are highly valuable. In addition, your subsea company may be able to provide Factory Acceptance Testing.

Commissioning teams from experienced subsea equipment manufacturers can often prepare detailed procedures to pinpoint possible hazards before arriving at the site. The professionals who work for these companies can coordinate with platform personnel to enhance efficiency which can include the reduction of downtime in order to promote a successful project outcome. Through evaluating project scope, a subsea company can provide job specific equipment, including specialized pumping, as well as professional teams for testing.

Umbilical Termination Assemblies
The purpose of Umbilical Termination Assemblies (UTAs) is to link umbilical lines with the right receptacle for the element they are transporting, i.e., hydraulic, air, chemical, electrical, or fiber-optic). UTAs can be stab-and-hinge, mud mat, or vertical based. Regardless, they should spool onto a carousel and be easy to install.

An experienced subsea engineering company can deal with the hazardous nature of the chemicals used in commissioning efforts in the offshore gas and oil industry. Some of the chemicals these companies handle include:

* Diesel
* Methanol
* Water-based control fluid
* Alcohol
* Xylene
* Paraffin inhibitor
* Glycol (100%)
* Oil-based control fluid
* Asphaltine dispersant
* Corrosion inhibitor

Subsea equipment manufacturers have the resources, products, and professionals to help you achieve your project goals when it comes to umbilicals and umbilical termination assemblies. Contact a subsea manufacturer serving your area for more information about how they can assist you with your project requirements..

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