Options for Sewer Line Repair

Although sewer line repair may seem like a hassle, the process is quite necessary to ensure that your household plumbing is working properly and efficiently. Most people associate this process with digging up unsightly trenches in their yard. However, experts in sewer line repair in Marietta, Georgia, can offer some great alternatives.

Sewer line repair may be needed for many reasons. Symptoms of needing repair might be a broken or collapsed pipe, which may happen due to shifting or frozen ground. Another cause is blockage, which happens if there is an unusual object blocking the flow of the line. Corrosion may also happen, which deteriorates the line and may even cause it to collapse. A bellied pipe occurs when a part of the pipe has sunken in because of various ground conditions. If the seals between connecting pipes have broken, water may escape outside of the pipeline. If a root or tree has interfered with the pipe, cleaning and proper filtration may be severely damaged. Finally, if the pipes are not made of high-quality material, they may have been slowly corroding over time. As you can see, there are several reasons to consider sewer line repair in Marietta, Georgia.

You may be wondering what the best method of sewer line repair in Marietta, Georgia is. The traditional method involves the “trench” or “open cut” method to get access to the damaged section of the pipe. As you might have guessed, this method involves digging, which could possibly provoke damage to your yard. A newer method, however, offers a repair that will not destroy your property. This trenchless technology can reline the pipe. With little digging, the relining process is done by creating a smaller pipe within the existing pipe to re-create proper flow. A new and smooth wall is created out of seamless materials that are completely functional and non-hazardous.

If you are considering this method to repair your sewer line, you may be able to receive a free estimate. A repairman could be at your residence in as little as 60 minutes to deal with the blockage in a timely manner. People are choosing the trenchless technology not only because it causes the least damage to the surrounding yard, but also because it is a technology on the rise and a trend that will continue to grow due to success rates. At the moment, this option is slightly more expensive, but ultimately saves money in the long run as homeowners will not have to pay for landscape repair.

Sewer line repair in Marietta, Georgia, can provide you with state-of-the-art technology and repair methods. Contact sewer line repair in Marietta, Georgia, for more information about your best options. Click here for more information.

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