Taking Care Of Panelled Walls And Ceilings in Nassau County, NY

When someone decides to revamp a room in their home by using Paneled Walls And Ceilings in Nassau County NY, to improve its aesthetics, they may wonder if there are certain maintenance steps that should be done to the woodwork. Wood walls and ceilings have a rich, majestic look that will last much longer if they are properly maintained. Here are a few tips on how to maintain these masterpieces.

Remove Surface Dust

Wood paneling will capture dust and dirt from within a room, especially if the windows are opened often or if there is a road near the home. To clean this surface debris from wood paneling, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristled attachment. The attachment should be held close to the wood without scraping it against the panels, as this can leaving unsightly markings. Move the vacuum back and forth across the panels, paying close attention to the grooves between each piece of wood.

Clean The Paneling

To remove dirt that has become caked onto the wood panels, a mild soap mixed with water would work best. A sponge can be used to apply the cleaning solution to the panel, and a non-abrasive piece of microfiber cloth will dry the moisture from the wood with ease.

Polishing The Wood

To keep Paneled Walls And Ceilings in Nassau County NY, looking as new as they were when they were installed, adding a wood polishing agent will bring out the natural beauty of the pieces. This can be applied using a clean piece of microfiber cloth. The polish should be applied to the cloth and then rubbed into the panel in a circular motion, so it is evenly placed on all portions of the wood, including in between the wood grain and crevices separating the pieces.

To look at more info pertaining to taking care of wood paneled walls and ceilings, a visit to a reputable manufacturing site or installation service may answer questions someone has about the process. The information can then be used to maintain the panels, allowing them to look their best for years to come.

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