Order a Custom Made Pallet in Fort Worth For Safe Shipments

When a delicate artifact is shipped to a loved one, it needs to be packed as snug and safe as can be. If it were a motorcycle, it needs to be packed the same way, although different packing materials inside the crate would have to be used to keep it from moving. Packing companies that know the crating business will use cables to hold it inside a custom crafted wooden crate built just for the motorcycle. Packing companies can build any size crates, pallets or skids to hold an item and keep it from moving during shipment.

Whether a company is shipping a large piece of machinery or a small and delicate figurine, Crate Master Fort Worth company has been crating items and shipping them safely since 1996. They build special wooden crates to get large machines where they’re going without losing any minute and fragile parts in the process. They can design a custom Pallet in Fort Worth for large or small items. These companies can build anything out of wood, including complete office buildings and houses. They’ve been known to pack up amusement rides in solid wooden crates and get them where they’re supposed to go, which would be a huge undertaking for any crating company.

Crate companies have built special wooden crates for governmental agencies, airline companies, NASA, automobile plants, oil field and refinery equipment companies, along with the military. If something needs to be shipped, a custom built box can be constructed for it. If an item is being shipped overseas, there are rules that must be followed to pass through customs. If the crated item doesn’t pass customs, dire repercussions could occur with the item being fumigated, which could ruin it. Crating companies using a special Pallet in Fort Worth understand exactly how to build their crates to safely ship any government agency’s or corporation’s valuable items, ensuring they pass through customs without any problems.

When a government entity is going to ship intricately designed electrical equipment, they need to call on a company that has many accreditations affiliated with it. From the Dallas and Austin Chambers of Commerce to the Better Business Bureau, these, and other state and national affiliations deem a company is credible, dependable and in good standings with them.

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