What to Know About Grout Pumping in Mississippi

Grout pumping is an essential activity when it comes to filling cracks, leveling concrete slabs and filling hollow door frames. Grout pumping is recommended in masonry works when labor for bucketing or using grout bags in not an option, or when barriers on the job prevent a grout delivery system from being lifted in place. The grout pumps used in the masonry works are usually gas powered although electrically powered pumps are also used for indoor applications. During the process of grouting pumping, materials are fed into the machine’s receiving hopper and forced or pumped out of the material cylinder into the material hose connected to the pump. The material hose may include various types of couplings and fittings that connect the pump and line reducers at the pump’s discharge. Here are some important factors to keep into consideration for successful Grout Pumping in Mississippi.

Materials and Material Flow

There are many materials that can be fed into a grout pump, such as sewer-lining mortars, high strength non-shrink grouts, floor toppings, among other materials. Each of these materials has its unique features that must be well understood to ensure a successful application. Additionally, the material must have a pourable consistency for a smooth pumping. This means if a material can be poured out of a bucket, it can easily be pumped. This requirement does not apply to repair mortars because they have a thicker consistency and may require special pumping techniques.

Pumping Distance

The pumping distance should always be kept to a minimum and material hoses must run straight regardless of the materials being pumped. Some materials cannot be pumped for long distances. Thus, it is important to know the characteristics of the proposed material before attempting a production procedure.

Pumping Time

After a material is mixed, it is advisable to pump it out immediately. Any delays in the application process can result in plugged hoses and equipment. Sometimes, it may be necessary to cool the material or the hose itself to keep the material moving forward. This is essential when the material hoses are exposed to the scorching sun for long.

These are just some of the critical factors to take into account when it comes to Grout Pumping in Mississippi.

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