The Methods Used for Foundation Leveling in Houston, TX

There is a wide variety of issues a homeowner may have the deal with when it comes to repairs made to their home. Broken windows, a leaky roof, or a burst pipe are all routine things that may have to be dealt with from time to time. However, a problem that poses the most significant risk to a home is an issue with the stability of the foundation. These issues can go far beyond a mere inconvenience. In some instances, foundation issues can threaten the structural integrity of the home itself.

When a foundation begins to fail, it is usually caused by loosened or excessively moist soil the foundation of a home rests on. However, in most cases, only portions of the foundation may begin to shift or sag. This may cause some areas of the home to remain level while other areas are dipping or being pulled in another direction. The strain this places on the entire structure of the home can cause significant damage.

To rectify this issue, Foundation Leveling in Houston TX, will need to be preformed. This sort of leveling is done in two ways. For homes with significant sifting or sagging issues, piercing is often required. This method is somewhat involved, as steel piers with hydraulic apparatuses are driven through the concrete slab deep into the soil. These piers are driven far enough down to be stable. One that is done, hydraulic mechanisms are used to raise the foundation to a level position. The piers remain as they are, becoming the permanent support for the foundation.

A less involved option is slab jacking . This is done in situations where the settling of the foundation is minimal. In this method of Foundation Leveling in Houston TX, a grout mixture is pumped under the concrete slab. This helps to float the slab back to a level position. The grout then hardens to keep the slab in position permanently.

If you’ve noticed cracks in the floor, walls, or ceiling of your home, or some areas of the home aren’t a level as they used to be, you may have a foundation issue that needs repairing. To learn what foundation repairs a home may need, click here to find more information.

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