The Various Methods of Repairing a Concrete Foundation

There are many homes in the Toledo area that use their basement walls as the structural foundation of the home. However, there are many homes that don’t have basements. In these cases, the foundation of the home is a concrete slab. A Concrete Foundation is an excellent method of supporting the structural integrity of the home. However, just like basement walls, a concrete slab can be at risk for potential failure. This could cause the home to eventually become unsafe to occupy. In these situations, it’s important to determine the scope of the problem and to devise a plan to repair the concrete foundation.

The first thing that will need to be done is to contact a company that handles Toledo Basement Repair. Not only do these companies specialize in repairing foundations within a home that has a basement, but they are also experts in concrete slab foundation repair as well. Calling these professionals in to inspect the home can determine whether it is dealing with a foundation issue or if there are other issues the home may be suffering from.

If the foundation is the problem, these experts will have a few different methods for repairs. The first is to float the concrete slab back to a level position. This can repair cracks, and it can also give the slab foundation more structural rigidity. Commonly called slab jacking, this process involves a grout mixture which is pumped underneath the foundation in order to level any areas that are sagging or dipping. This grout solution hardens and strengthens the overall foundation while leveling the foundation in the process.

Piering is where metal rods with hydraulic apparatuses are driven through the foundation to raise the foundation to a level position. The metal piers also act as a support mechanism to strengthen a foundation that has become damaged.

There may be other things to consider as well, such as gutter systems that may not be working to properly move water away from the home. In fact, that may be the exact reason why the foundation is suffering from damage. However, regardless of whether it’s fixing a gutter system, making small minor repairs or making extensive repairs, if you have a problem with your Concrete Foundation you don’t want to put off the repairs for very long. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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