Questions to Ask AC Contractors in Ennis TX

Now that the time has come to replace the old heating and cooling system, it pays to get professional help with the selection and installation of a new unit. When talking with different AC Contractors Ennis TX, take the time to ask a few basic questions. The answers will go a long way toward making sure the homeowner chooses the right unit and enjoys years of reliable service. Here are a few examples of what to ask.

Should the New Unit Be Larger?

All sorts of things could have changed about the house since the last heating and cooling unit was installed. Perhaps the attic is not finished and also needs to be heated and cooled. Maybe the back porch was enclosed and converted into a sun room. Rather than assuming the new unit will need to be the same size as the old one, ask the AC Contractors Ennis TX for their opinions. After they inspect the home, it will be easier to provide the homeowner with answers that aid in the selection process.

What Features are Available Today?

The chances are that the older unit did not come with some of the features that are readily available with the systems on the market today. Each of the AC Contractors in Ennis TX can take a look at the current unit, then discuss those newer features with the homeowner. At least a couple of them are likely to be of interest.

For example, maybe the homeowner likes the idea of being able to use a wireless connection to access the system and make changes to the thermostat settings. This can come in handy in terms of saving energy. If the homeowner leaves on a trip and cannot remember if the thermostat was changed before leaving the home, it is easy enough to make a connection and check the status. Should it be necessary to adjust the setting, that can be managed with a few keystrokes.

For help with any type of heating or cooling system issue, contact the professionals at Direct Service today. After taking a good look at the unit, the technician can discuss all practical options for repairs or even a complete replacement with the client. It will not take long to review those options and come up with the best solution.

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