Pecan Gift Ideas in Chicago for Gourmet Food and Drink Lovers

Pecans are a fun, versatile snack that makes a healthy gift choice. Whether you’re searching for a unique holiday present or a special gift for that culinary inspired friend, pecans have a delectable taste that’s great for cardiovascular and digestive health. Food connoisseurs will appreciate a variety of spicy, honey toasted or salted nuts for a simple treat or to add to their favorite recipes.

On a cold Windy City morning, nothing gets you moving like the tempting aroma of fresh coffee. Specialty coffee drinkers will adore a mix of chocolate and butter pecan added to their favorite brew. A bag of ground coffee can be purchased for busy executives while whole bean coffee is an ideal choice for the weekends. When you’re looking for Gift Ideas in Chicago for colleagues, flavored coffee is a popular choice for both men and women.

During warm weather, a summer pecan tray is an excellent option for a wedding favor or graduation gift. These tasty nuts won’t lose their appeal when the temperature rises and can be served outdoors at parties or picnics. Enjoy a scrumptious mix of praline, cinnamon, honey toasted and natural pecans. For those that enjoy pecans with a little more bite, jalapeno or Cajun spiced nuts can be eaten raw or added to desserts, salads or soups.

Nothing draws family and friends together like a summer backyard barbecue. For guys that like to grill, a pecan barbecue sauce adds a hot, nutty flavor to any meal. This extraordinary sauce is one of the top Gift Ideas in Chicago for chefs. Add it to beef, pork, chicken or seafood for a taste that’s sure to tempt your palate.

A bag of natural pecans works great for cooks who like to experiment. A healthy way to add a boost of flavor to recipes, pecans taste great in appetizers, main dishes or a light salad. You can even add them to your pancakes or cinnamon rolls for a delicious weekend breakfast treat.

To browse an assortment of unique gift ideas for yourself or friends, visit the They have a nice selection of gift baskets, specialty coffees and a tasty pecan popcorn for a great sweet and salty snack.

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