Perk Up Your Paint Job: Northeast Collision’s Car Painting Services

People tend to seek auto paint jobs for one of three reasons.  The first reason is that the car has been in an auto accident and needs body work and a paint job that matches the color on the repaired or replaced parts with the rest of the car.  The second reason is that the car is just looking tired because of the nicks, scratches, and small dents that come with everyday driving and the car’s owner wants to refresh the cars appearance. In fact, many people who are leasing their vehicles use this service to ensure the vehicle is in perfect condition at the end of the lease.  The third reason is that the car owner wants an entirely new look and is seeking out a paint job to give the car a new appearance.  Whatever the reason you are seeking a new paint job, Northeast Collision in New Jersey can give your car a look you want.

One of the biggest concerns that people have about a paint job is whether the auto paint shop will be able to provide great color matching services.  Some body shops use manufacturer standard colors for their color matching; the problem with that is that there are minor variations in manufacturer colors that may not be visible on two different vehicles, but can be obvious when paint is on the same vehicle.  Also, driving condition, storage, sunlight exposure, and exposure to salt and other chemicals can impact paint color.  This means that a manufacturer color might change over time.  Northeast Collision uses paint-matching software that has the capability of matching partial paint on a repair or replacement to the rest of the vehicle or matching an entirely new coat to the vehicle’s original color and finish.

What many people do not realize is that a great paint job starts well before the paint.  You need a perfect surface for a perfect paint job.  That is why, as part of a paint job, the technicians at make Northeast Collision perfect the surface.  They do this by buffing out any scuff marks, touching up scratches, and sdetail the vehicle to ensure that the paint adheres perfectly.

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