Reasons To Consider An Outsourced Transfer Agent

Many people use stocks as a way to increase income and generate a better portfolio. Whether you prefer a particular company or like to mix and match, you may find that a transfer agent can be helpful. If you choose to outsource this need and choose someone from outside your company, you may find that you have better regulatory compliance, compliance with IRS regulations, and much more.

Key Benefits

The agents you have working for you will keep records for the specific time periods the SEC requires them. You aren’t required to keep all that information, which can become lost in your home or office. Plus, you can get access to those documents whenever they’re needed.

Along with that, dividend disbursement includes a lot of regulations and rules that you don’t want to be aggravated by, but the transfer agent will handle it all for you. Therefore, you will remain compliant with SEC regulations throughout. Plus, you won’t have to read up on all the rule reformations and changes that are made each year.

Other Advantages

You will never have to worry about stock transferring processes, corporate action processing, issuances, shareholder dealings or report confirmations because the transfer agent will handle it all for you. They will get your information, including logos, images, and corporate identity information, which can be displayed in mailings, proxies, and more. Everything will still look the same to the shareholders, but you will be using someone else to help you with all the work and hassles.

You may also have access to faster delivery and processing of registered security positions, and the agents must usually handle stock certificates that were lost, so you don’t have to worry about insurance and other problems that could happen with the mail. Visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company for more information.

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