Personal Injury Lawsuits

by | Jan 3, 2015 | Lawyers

Car accidents are not fun. The headache that comes with dealing with insurance policies, payments, mechanic bills, it’s a long winding process that may not give you the results you prefer. In some cases, car accidents are very serious. Whenever injury or death occurs, a minor payment to mechanics to fix damage becomes much more significant due to the health bills. Luckily, if a responsible party does not compensate you for your bills, you can file a lawsuit. Personal injury lawsuits are common and attorneys specialize in this area to help you receive the maximum benefits from your accident.

How Do You Qualify?

You are qualified for a personal injury lawsuit if you get into a car accident and the opposite driver was drunk. Drunk driving is against the law, and you will not be penalized for medical bills, insurance bills, and car bills because the other driver was breaking the law. These are the most common personal injury cases. Whether it results in death or a serious injury, you will be compensated for your suffering. There is no reason you should have to pay for anything if you were following the rules and the opposite party was not. Attorneys will work with you to make sure justice is served.

Hit and run accidents are also a qualification for personal injury lawsuits. Attorneys will make sure your car insurance does not charge you for the crash, and if you are injured, will investigate into the matter to make a settlement with health insurance agencies or the driver who hit your car.

Suppose you are in your apartment, and something causes an unexpected injury like a pipe burst or an unstable floor or ceiling. You are not at fault. Landlord liability is another case classified under personal injury lawsuits. If something in your apartment causes damage to your health, the landlord is liable. An attorney is willing to work with you to compensate for your problems.

Construction injuries are typical in the workplace. Besides worker’s compensation you could receive more money for your injuries. Construction and scaffolding injuries can occur due to lack of support, or improper work behavior. If this is the case, your employer could be liable for injuries, damages, and missed time at work.

Even minor things such as dog bites and uninsured claims are in the criteria for a personal injury lawsuit. You can consult a lawyer for free when you are injured, such as the aforementioned examples, to see if you are qualified for a lawsuit for personal injury in Rockford, IL. Visit website for more information.

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