Pet Medical Care in Sugar Land for Optimized Health from Youth to the Senior Years

Pets are considered to be family members. Family members care for one another, so Pet Medical Care Sugar Land only makes sense as a way to look out for a dearly loved domestic animal. Most people just want affordable and quality health care for their pets. Vaccinations, diagnostic procedures and dental care are essential to the health of dogs and cats. Puppies and kittens lose some immunity to infection that was passed on by the mother around the age of six months. It’s recommended that they get veterinary care as they grow. During their growth into adulthood, they need special care for proper development. The first visit to the veterinarian as a young cat or dog is when an exam and lab work tells if a pet was born with any health problems. Health issues are mitigated or cured with treatment and animals that start out healthy get individualized care to keep health optimal.

Disease prevention is strongly recommended as a health care modality. There are certain diseases that dogs and cats are susceptible to. At a clinic for pet medical care in Sugar Land, pet owners are informed about diseases and parasites they’re vulnerable to. Wellness exams for cats include an ear inspection to check for mites and infection. Their entire fur coat is checked for fleas and ticks. Cats are prone to thyroid and lymph node problems so the throat and neck are examined at every visit. Both cats and dogs need their teeth cleaned and treatment to fight gum disease.

In the later years of life, senior care addresses problems that can develop in age. Arthritis is a common problem in older cats and dogs. Veterinarians implement a plan for weight management and mild exercise to keep the bones and joints strong. Senior pets come in for wellness exams a little more often than younger pets. This is because diseases are more likely to develop in this phase of life. Early detection gives veterinarians ample time to treat and even cure a disease that’s ailing a pet. Oral exams and cleanings are essential to disease prevention as well. Oral health is so important because diseases of the teeth and gums can lead to infection of vital organs. Visit the site to learn more about pet health care.

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