Signs it is Time to Call for Chimney Repair Services Jackson MI

It is not always possible to tell if a chimney is not structurally sound by just looking at it. However, there are a few signs homeowners can be aware of to know that they should call for Chimney Repair Services Jackson MI. After all, a chimney that is no in good repair is a fire hazard. Some of the most common chimney issues that require professional repair services are found here.

Damaged Mortar Joints

While this problem may require a homeowner to climb on top of the roof, damaged mortar joints in between the masonry of the chimney is an issue that needs to be repaired right away. If the mortar joints are failing, it may mean accelerated damage to the chimney. This is because the condition is going to allow a larger amount of moisture to reach the bricks. If water gets into the small cracks present in the masonry, they can get bigger. If a homeowner doesn’t call for Chimney Repair Services Jackson MI in a timely manner, the entire chimney may wind up collapsing.

Rusted Firebox or Damper

When there is moisture present in a fireplace or chimney, it is a definite red flag that it is not operating properly. Rust is one of the biggest clues that there is an excessive amount of moisture present. If rust is present on the damper or firebox, then they may not work properly.

There are a number of issues that can arise from the presence of moisture in the chimney. One of the biggest issues is cracked flue tiles. A deteriorated or cracked flue lining can be extremely dangerous. This is because it may allow an excessive amount of heat to get into vulnerable areas of the chimney, which could result in a house fire. Browse here to know more.

Additional information about when Chimney Repair Services Jackson MI are needed can be found by contacting the chimney professionals at Billy White Roofing & Construction in Jackson MI. Keeping a chimney in good repair is essential to keep a home safe and sound. Keeping the information here in mind will help ensure that the chimney remains in proper, working and safe condition.

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