Pet Memorial Markers in Fairfax VA Provide Loving Tributes to Beloved Pets

For many individuals, losing a pet is more devastating than losing a human family member, so it’s no surprise that more than 600 pet cemeteries exist in the U.S. This offers a testimony to the deep bond between humans and their animal companions, which is why many people choose to memorialize their pet in honor of a life well-spent with their best friend.

There are a number of options available to memorialize your pet including Pet Memorial Markers in Fairfax VA, urns, jewelry, picture frames, or keepsake boxes. Pet owners have used grave markers to commemorate deceased pets for years. Quite often the marker was a simple wooden cross with the pet’s name and dates.

As the pet industry has grown so has the demand to create better options for grave markers. As a result, there are a vast number of options available, both online and from monument makers. Common choices offered through include:

  • Sandblasted Headstones -; Made from granite this is the same material used for headstones for people. Engraving is done by sandblasting and can include names, dates, personalized inscriptions or images, many of which can be very detailed.

  • Natural Rock Marker -; Usually made from large river stones or rock and are popular for owners who want to incorporate them into a home garden setting.

  • Metal Markers -; These are small plaques made of bronze or aluminum and mounted onto a stone base, usually granite or quartz. Inscriptions are raised on the surface and then polished. For an added touch, embossed backgrounds may also be requested.

  • Laser Engraved Markers -; A beautiful marker that is becoming increasingly popular for both human and Pet Memorial Markers in Fairfax VA. It is a process reserved for polished black granite as it is the only material that offers the deep contrast necessary for desirable results. The process involves using computer-aided technology to delicately etch images onto the granite allowing an actual photograph of your pet to be forever embellished in the stone.

In the end, the type of marker is not what’s important, but rather that the pet’s memory was honored. Pay tribute to that life and the love shared between two souls, demonstrates the respect and appreciation for a love given unconditionally. How one chooses to do that is as individual as the relationship was.

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