Planning for Cremation in San Diego, CA

There are a lot of decisions to make before a funeral, and one of the most difficult is whether cremation is the right choice. People choose cremation for a lot of reasons. The cost is often much cheaper than burial, people move more frequently and no longer have family plots and some feel guilty about reserving a piece of land for themselves for eternity. It is a personal choice, but if Cremation in San Diego CA is desired, it is important to make family members aware of the decision.

Consider Planning Ahead

Prearranged funerals are much more common than ever before. Many people take this step as a final gift for their loved ones. It keeps the family from having to make difficult decisions while they are in mourning. It is also a good method of ensuring all last wishes are met. It is possible to prepay for the cremation service only and leave the funeral planning for the family if desired.

Create a Will

A will is the most convenient way to make certain everyone knows what is wanted, and it is the most legally secure option for ensuring the wishes are honored. Many family members avoid discussing these topics and are left unaware of the what their loved one preferred. It is also possible that previous discussion may be forgotten in the middle of all the funeral planning. When a will is available there are no questions and no disputes between family members.

Choose Another Document

If creating a will is not desired, for whatever reason, there are other options. Preferences can be stated in documents like an Authorization for Final Disposition or one that appoints someone to control the disposition of the remains. Any form used for this purpose must be prepared in the correct manner and be notarized.

Cremation in San Diego CA is a simple and affordable service to obtain. It is not the option for everyone, but it is expected that by 2020 more people will choose this method than burial. It is estimated that nearly 70 percent of all dispositions will be cremation at that point, a huge increase from the 10 percent that chose this method in 1980.

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