The Most Important Traits for a Logistics Manager

If you are in the process of organizing warehouse logistics in Charlotte, NC, you want to be sure that the people on your team are experienced and capable. Even if you choose to outsource your logistics, being aware of who is at work behind the scenes and what skills they have is important. We’ve compiled a list of the more important traits that any logistics manager should have.

Problem Solving Skills

Any manager needs to have skills in problem solving if only because so many situations can crop up that require split second judgment. Great problem solving has five stages, each of which your candidate should be skilled in. The first is identifying a problem, the second is coming up with potential solutions, the third is making the best decision, the fourth is implementing the decided-on solutions, and the last involves monitoring the solution to see how well it worked.

Ability to Evolve Processes to Adapt

While your warehouse logistics in Charlotte NC may not need to change regularly, you want someone available who can make those decisions. You also want them to be capable of making a change to provide a better efficiency or quality in their work. One of the ways you can determine if the person you are speaking with has this skill is by explaining a challenge in the workplace and asking them what changes they would make to solve the problem.

Outstanding People Skills

This is probably one of the first things you want to look for in a potential manager of warehouse logistics in Charlotte, NC. There are a few skills that are included under this umbrella. You want someone who has great leadership skills. This person will put an emphasis on developing their team and will garner respect. They should also be excellent communicators. This allows the person to work well with both team members and customers. Interpersonal skills are also crucial. These include having good manners, being adaptable, and taking responsibility.

Any logistics manager you hire or use through a contract should be able to drive a team for the best results, build great relationships with coworkers and customers, and show a high level of honesty and integrity.

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