Poor Planning Can Lead to Tree Removal in Queens County, NY

Trees are a valuable resource for landscaping. However, it does take a certain amount of planning to ensure that the trees are planted in an area where they will thrive without causing issues. Bad planning is the number one reason trees need to be removed from an area. These are some examples where the trees have turned into a hazard rather than an asset.

The most common place where tree removal in Queens County NY area, is needed is near home foundations. These trees were planted without a thought about how the roots were going to spread. They were placed close to the house in hopes of eventually providing shade to the home. Even though the trees reach their full height, the roots are still constantly on the move searching for water. These roots are strong enough to break up concrete if given the chance. The only solution is a complete removal of the tree and roots.

Another common area where bad planning has occurred is around power lines. It can be relatively easy to underestimate the height of a tree and overestimate the height of the power lines. Once the tree reaches the power lines, it can become electrified. This can make the Tree Removal process very dangerous. Trees interfering with power lines can also cause issues with the electricity in the home.

Trees planted near property lines can also turn into a hazard. These trees are often at the center of legal disputes. In some cases, the Tree Removal in Queens County NY, The process must be accomplished to satisfy both parties. The roots from these trees can break up fences. Branches can fall on the yards of neighbors and damage the property. If the tree has died, there is an unpredictability about where it will ultimately land. The responsibility for damage may lie with the homeowner where the tree resides.

Bad planning is the main contributing force behind tree removals. While the trees can be an asset, the wrong spot can turn them into a liability. In most cases, the only option is to completely remove the tree before damage occurs.

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