Important Considerations for Heavy Equipment Movers in Dallas

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Moving and Relocating

Moving large, heavy machinery by flatbed is serious business because the work is risky and the drivers need a high level of skill. Project managers that need this work done especially appreciate hiring Equipment Movers in Dallas that not only transport the equipment but can set it up at the site as well. These organizations can do moving and erecting for oil rigging, commercial building construction and other projects. They might bring tower cranes to a construction site, where they erect the cranes and ensure the equipment is safe. After erection, those cranes might be as tall as 150 ft., and they can handle loads weighing several tons. They are intended to bring objects such as metal beams and pipes to great heights.

Project managers must understand that Equipment Movers in Dallas cannot transport heavy equipment as fast as they could with an average semi-load or even a flatbed of lumber. They need to use alternate routes to avoid roads that prohibit these loads; not all roads were built to withstand this type of weight. Sometimes small bridges on those roads are the main problem and could even collapse under the weight.

Heavy equipment drivers also typically must drive more slowly than the speed limit allows even on a straight highway. Taking curves and going around corners calls for traveling even more slowly than normal. The equipment may be top-heavy or the weight may be distributed unevenly, making them vulnerable to swaying and tipping over.

A company such as DFW Movers and Erectors does all these types of work safely and effectively. They map out the route before the driver leaves, taking into account the latest updates on road construction and detours. That’s essential since some detour routes cannot handle the weight of these loads. It can be a complicated process requiring substantial attention to logistics. One thing nobody wants to happen is the need to backtrack because of an unexpected detour and having to find a different route. That costs a great deal of time and money. It can set a construction or rigging project back with downtime and missed deadlines.

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