The Various Options for Residential Basement Remodeling in Toledo, OH

Basements can often be underutilized. For some people, the basement spaces can be used for storage and utility purposes, such as a place to store a washer and dryer, deep freezer and maybe an extra refrigerator. However, in basements that have better headroom clearance, they may have the potential to be more useful. However, if the basement remains unfinished or there are moisture issues, these spaces are often ignored. Fortunately, with professional Residential Basement Remodeling in Toledo OH, these wasted spaces can be reclaimed.

In many instances, basements simply need to be finished out. A space may include exposed walls as well as areas that hide the guts of the home, such as air-conditioning duct work, plumbing lines, water heaters, air handlers and electrical wiring. In these instances, simply finishing out the space by putting up drywall and installing more electrical outlets can make a utility space and extra living space within the home. Whether it’s an office, a family room, bedrooms or a combination of all of these, sometimes simple renovations can turn an unused space into a valuable area of the home.

There are also issues where lower headroom clearance can inhibit using a basement for living space. In these cases, a homeowner can have extensive Residential Basement Remodeling in Toledo OH, to make the space useful. There are usually two options to create more headroom. Space could be borrowed from an upper floor, and the floor raised to create a higher ceiling in the basement. The other option is to dig deeper down and lower the floor in the basement. Which option is best often depends on how much space is between the ceiling and the upper floor.

There are also issues where a basement simply has to deal with moisture problems. This could be as simple as applying a moisture barrier sealant to exposed interior walls or it could be as significant as excavating around the exterior of the basement walls to apply waterproofing membranes.

It’s easy to see that there are a number of different approaches that can be taken when remodeling a basement. The current shape of the basement will dictate how extensive the remodeling will have to be to turn it into a more productive and useful space.

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