Potential Benefits of Driveway Sealcoating in Worcester, MA

The way a home looks from the curb is important, as this is what draws people in and gives people their first impression. The driveway is one of the first things that people see, so it’s a good idea to keep it looking its best. One way to do this is with driveway sealcoating in Worcester MA.

Improves Looks

One of the benefits of Driveway Sealcoating in Worcester MA is that it gives the driveway a dark coating that makes it look like new again as long as the driveway is smooth to start with.

Fixes Small Cracks

The sealcoating will also help to smooth out any little cracks and divots in the asphalt. Filling in these little cracks makes them less likely to turn into big cracks that could mean replacing the whole driveway if not dealt with.

Easier to Care For
Once the driveway is coated, it’s easier to keep it looking nice. The sealing material helps to repel spills and limit staining, and gives the driveway a smooth surface that’s easier to sweep off or hose off to keep it looking its best.

Better Resists Weather

Asphalt can have difficulties during major weather changes when the temperature gets very hot or cold. It can wind up cracking and getting worn down. Sealcoating the driveway can help to limit these issues. It helps waterproof the driveway, which means water won’t get into the small cracks and expand during cold weather, making the cracks larger. Sealcoating also minimizes erosion and damage due to ultraviolet radiation, salt or chemicals.

Potential Considerations

Sealcoating does cost a few hundred dollars, with the exact cost depending on the size of the driveway and the area of the country where you live. It also has to wait until a new driveway has had time to cure, which typically takes about 90 days. It also isn’t a one-time expense, as it will need to be redone periodically to maintain the benefits. In an area with a lot of cold winters, this can mean getting the driveway resealed every two years, while those in more temperate climates may be able to wait up to four years.

Visit us for more information on sealcoating and its benefits.

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